Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve Got Love in My Tummy!

Screw dieting. It’s been a year in waiting, and – Ta Dah!! Here it is again. The great food exhibition, the mother source of all the hardcore Malaysian delicacy as you’ll ever know them. RAMADHAN FOOD BAZAAR!!! Put a shirt on fellas. Wear your best most comfortable shoes. Bring loads, if possible sacks, of loose change. Take a deep breath and step out of that door of your boring, food-less home and into the haven of smoke, food and big foreign butts rubbing against your own in the midst of the overpopulated crowds (note to self and to other women: always shield your God-given chest ‘cos some guy is always ‘accidentally’ elbowing them while crazily purchasing things).

Chicken. Somehow that always seems to be the main menu. Grilled to perfection with creamy orange spicy percik sauce. Fried with all the herbs you can think off, with that heart-stopping (literally!) crispy skin. Or turned into your original, home-made satay with peanut sauce. A simple dish to your pleasant chicken rice. Or if you’re feeling like a vegan lately, how about some hot deep-fried oyster mushrooms? And do not, absolutely do not, forget about ye olde Malaysian fruit salad (mangoes, guava, cucumber, pineapple, etc) completely drenched in hot, thick, black peanut sauce.

If you’re in the Ramadhan Food Bazaar and you see no rice dishes, then go buy a lighter and burn the damn place down. It doesn’t deserve to be called a Ramadhan Bazaar. Tomato rice. Chicken rice. Briyani rice. Coconut rice. Kerabu rice. Fried rice. If you want your carbs in a different kind of way get one of those noodle soups with delicious beef or lamb soups. Off the stove, drenched-in-flavor fried noodles. Yum.

Oh yeah. While I’m writing this I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll skip all the heavy stuff and eat at least 10 different types of Malaysia’s finest desserts and savory snacks. Puddings of all flavors. Curry puffs with spicy chicken and meat curry fillings. Rolled up dough with sardine fillings or sweet coconut mixture. Some that will give you type 3 diabetes. Some that will give you diarrhea for a week. And it’s all worth it, baby.