Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today was murky, cloudy and rainy most of the time, and you know how this kind of mood gets me going ;) I was sitting on my desk staring outside at the wet street when I was inspired to write this.

I love how you smile,
when you watch me venture off into the world,
I love when you never let the ladies carry heavy things,
Or let them drive as long as you're around,
I love how you let the girls walk first,
and you'll walk behind,
I love it when you hold my hand (and the rest of the kids),
when we cross busy roads and junctions,
I love how you never let the ladies do the hard work,
And you do it all by yourself,
I love how you tell me stories,
about your life and the funny things alongside it,
I love the way you're proud of me,
and talk to everyone about me and what I've done,
I love those crisp shirts that you wear,
and how you tell me a man is nothing without his toothbrush,
I love how you're so protective,
How you never let me walk home alone,
I love it when you're always waiting for me,
Instead of the other way around,
I love when you worry about whether I have eaten,
Or if my stomach hurts or if I have enough cash in hand,
I love how you cook whenever you can,
and do chores without being asked,
I love how you desperately want me to have the best in life,
when it will have no effect on you whatsoever,
I love when you throw tantrums for some lost keys,
and found them inside your pants' pocket,
I love it when you're romancing my Mother,
in the kitchen when you think we weren't looking,
I love how you devote yourself to the love of your life,
and build a home and life with us in it,
Most of all I love it when I look around this world that I live in,
and I know that no man will ever replace you in my heart.

I miss you Abah! Sorry I didn't get you a birthday present!